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NFU Beginning Farmer Forum

The NFU Beginning Farmer Forum is a community of farmers, ranchers, educators, policy makers, and the general public that share common knowledge and interest in helping beginning farmers and ranchers overcome the challenges to starting and sustaining a farming operation in the U.S. This community hopes to spread awareness about these challenges, provide insight into how they can be addressed at local, state and national policy levels, and share current resources and tools that benefit.
We stand for family agriculture
We are a grassroots, producer-driven organization that believes strong family agriculture is the basis for thriving rural communities.

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Agrability Project
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Letters from Langdon.

Cheaper to Buy Than to Grow
NFU Youth Education Programs
Education is the foundation to prepare youth for engagement with communities, state, nation and world.

All-States Leadership Camp

Each summer, National Farmers Union (NFU) members ages 17-20, who have distinguished themselves as leaders, are given the opportunity to attend NFU’s All-States Leadership Camp. Youth come from across the United States to Bailey, Colorado, where they spend a week at the NFU Education Center, nestled among the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

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